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Goodbye to the Boston Globe?

Today’s the NY Times’ deadline for Globe management to reduce costs by a bundle; the Globe has asked for more time. They had a (pretty limp) rally recently, at which the union members expressed their desire to retain their jobs. Not much talk about concessions, and very little chat about the Fourth Estate or the print media’s noble mission of keeping our elected officials honest.
The Globe’s value proposition is failing – I’ve subscribed to the Globe for 24+ years, currently paying about $35/month for 7-day-a-week home delivery (all those juicy deals are for new subscribers). With the iterative staff reductions and reorgs over the past several years, the paper is pretty thin and increasingly less informative. Most of the columnists are gone, local reporting staff is much diminished, and the paper relies heavily on news service feeds for national and international news. There is less and less coverage of any but the biggest stories with Boston or Massachusetts government, and investigative reporting is diminished.
Current media wisdom holds that the future of local media is to become hyperlocal. Let go of the national and international news, which is covered on line and on TV, and provide intensive online coverage of local communities and neighborhoods. Well,, the Globe’s online news, covers Newton, Needham, Waltham, and Wellesley. I think Reading is probably far down on its list.
Granted, as I wait for my broken leg to heal, I’m consuming far more television than I ever have previously. MSNBC is on most of the day, I’m online most of the day, and I usually catch the local 6 o’clock news, so I’m getting a lot of news from different sources.
But I love the tactile experience of reading the daily paper. It’s a very different consumption of information: I re-read stories, flip pages at will, and generally retain information more by reading it on paper. I love critiquing the daily paper’s coverage against the principles I learned as a Journalism major. I love the back-and-forth of intelligent, insightful commentators. The Boston Globe once provided a really rich, informative experience.
Yeah, there’s an immediacy to TV and online, but I get tired of the showbiz marketing overlay to the news.
I wonder what the NYT will decide. I’m sad.