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Thoughts about Design

I ran across this website, which offers some excellent guidelines around appealing and aesthetically pleasing website design, and realized that it’s been a while since I rattled on about the topics of design, layout, and general aesthetics.

Good design is good design, no matter what the medium or topic. I don’t claim to be a designer, but I’ve traveled enough miles in both the digital and print world to have earned the credentials for a modest expertise in the areas of communication, publications, and document structure/design.

Unfortunately, design (both visual and content) is often ignored – or directly violated. Every author doesn’t have to be a guru of design and presentation expertise, but there’s no justifiable reason to subject one’s readers to an experience that gets in the way of communicating your message. Some great resources are available to guide one in creating pleasing communications.

I’ll continue to post here links and references for guidelines, guidance and good examples. Add your own contributions – enrich the conversation.