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The Globe has almost lost me…

Yesterday’s Boston Globe included an insert that outlined increased charges. The weekly cost of home delivery is going up to $12.50 a week. I didn’t know where my tipping point was with price vs. my emotional ties to reading a daily paper. $12.50 was it. More than $50/month for home delivery is just too much. (The current monthly subscription is $35.16.)
I called the Globe (1-888-my-globe) to cancel my subscription (of 24+ years). The rep immediately offered me a 25% reduction for 12 weeks.
I’d be more sympathetic if the Globe truly acknowledged that they’re in an end-game. I don’t see them making efforts to move their readers to the Web – they’ve tossed most of their one-time stellar crew of writers and columnists overboard and are patching big holes in the hull with Cheez Doodles and duct tape. The recent rally focused on job preservation, not the Fourth Estate’s historic role as government watchdog.
I can already get the national and international news online – it’s the local stuff that nobody’s really covering. The thin little Globe covers some State House stuff, some sensational stuff, but clearly lacks the staff to really monitor Boston politics (what is the deal with Menino and Boston’s machine politics?).
I took the deal, but I’m a short-timer.