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Minor League Baseball – Sweet Times

Minor league baseball games are a hidden jewel in our leisure life, offering sweet respite from our personal rat races and reminding us of how pleasurable simple past-times can be.

This week I attended a Lowell (MA) Spinners baseball game, courtesy of my good friend Eleanor. The Spinners are the A level minor league team in the Boston Red Sox family. They were playing the Aberdeen (MD) Ironbirds, the A team in the Baltimore Orioles family.

If you’ve never been to a minor league baseball game, you should make it a priority this summer.

  • The most expensive ticket is $10.
  • Refreshments are a fraction of what you’d pay at a major league park.
  • Every seat has a great view of the field.
  • Parking cost $5.
  • A boatload of entertainment is offered (in addition to the game itself).

The entertainment is charming, playful, and inclusive of many fans. My absolute favorite entertainment at a Spinners game was the Frisbee-playing Australian sheepherding dogs and the Peter Gammons Look-Alike Contest. You’re just not gonna get that at Fenway Park.

The night I attended was Jimmy Buffett night – no, he wasn’t there, but plenty of fans were dressed in Hawaiian shirts and sporting tropical headgear, jewelry, etc. The Reading Community Singers wore Hawaiian leis while singing the national anthem. A number of children tossed out “first” balls. Between innings souvenir t-shirts were slingshot into the stands. One youngster ran the bases in competition with the Spinners’ mascot. Trivia contests and a 50-50 raffle awarded different spectators prizes. And, of course, the crowd was encouraged to cheer on the team, to make noise, to sing along with Jimmy Buffett songs.

What a good time. What sweet pleasure in a human scale. If you haven’t done so already, take your family or fun-loving friends to a minor league game for enjoyment that is unattainable in the higher-powered venues we so often seek.

You’ll be glad you did.


Time to get dirty

It’s a gorgeous spring Friday and the weatherman is predicting a summer-like weekend. What to do? Why, get out in the garden, of course.

I’m thrilled to see that my lilacs are in serious bud. The removal of a few trees several years ago has given the lilacs needed sun and they are responding with lots of flowers-to-be. I’m especially pleased that the lilacs I transplanted from my childhood home in Yonkers are finally going to bloom this year. My mother used to send me and my sisters to school with large bouquets of this most fragrant flower as a gift to our classroom teacher. A sweet flower and sweet memories.

Because of my Unfortunate Incident last year, I haven’t been able to garden for two years, and I’ve missed the therapy of digging in the dirt, rearranging the landscape in my little quarter acre, fussing over all those growing things. I’m looking forward to some serious garden time this weekend.

Can’t wait.