About me

fransanI’ve spent most of my professional life managing, manipulating, modifying other people’s words.Those words have lived in academic curricula, software development environments, government and DoD contractors’ proposals, and consulting companies’ deliverables.

My current role is as a Product Manager in News Agency, the Thomson Reuters organization that manages the technology to deliver news (photos, video, text, graphics) to Reuters customers.



2 comments so far

  1. C R Krieger on

    Does being a Community Manager mean you are like a Community Organizer–a Barak Obama like presence within your community?


  2. fransansalone on

    Oh, I don’t view it as quite that much of a mover/shaker. More like a mother hen, beneficial gossip maven, benign busybody. I like to bring my needlework skills to the task and establish threads among the various players.

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