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Still here – really

Everyone blogger is self-critical about not posting frequently enough. Me too.

A number of topics are off-limits for my public discussion – purely my own decision. They include recent medical adventures, discussion of my age and the implications thereof, and religion. What’s left?

Well, I could talk about recent political upheavals, both domestic and foreign. Ah, you could read much more informed writing on any news site.

How about movies? I just watched Chinatown, which I’d never seen. Returned it to Netflix four months after I received it. I haven’t seen a single Oscar winner (nor the nominees).

Books? In the past 6 months, I don’t think I’ve read a single selected book for my book group. Wait, I take that back. I read last month’s selection – the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society – but I read it over a year ago.

Gossip? Now there’s a fun topic! Unfortunately, I’ve been laying low for a while and not getting out there to collect the tea leaves.

Travel? I was in Olivebridge, NY [look it up] for last Thanksgiving.

See what I mean?

I welcome suggestions, gentle prodding, and commentary to motivate me. I’ll try to be more on top of my blogging – how’s that for a New Year’s resolution made in March?