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Minor League Baseball – Sweet Times

Minor league baseball games are a hidden jewel in our leisure life, offering sweet respite from our personal rat races and reminding us of how pleasurable simple past-times can be.

This week I attended a Lowell (MA) Spinners baseball game, courtesy of my good friend Eleanor. The Spinners are the A level minor league team in the Boston Red Sox family. They were playing the Aberdeen (MD) Ironbirds, the A team in the Baltimore Orioles family.

If you’ve never been to a minor league baseball game, you should make it a priority this summer.

  • The most expensive ticket is $10.
  • Refreshments are a fraction of what you’d pay at a major league park.
  • Every seat has a great view of the field.
  • Parking cost $5.
  • A boatload of entertainment is offered (in addition to the game itself).

The entertainment is charming, playful, and inclusive of many fans. My absolute favorite entertainment at a Spinners game was the Frisbee-playing Australian sheepherding dogs and the Peter Gammons Look-Alike Contest. You’re just not gonna get that at Fenway Park.

The night I attended was Jimmy Buffett night – no, he wasn’t there, but plenty of fans were dressed in Hawaiian shirts and sporting tropical headgear, jewelry, etc. The Reading Community Singers wore Hawaiian leis while singing the national anthem. A number of children tossed out “first” balls. Between innings souvenir t-shirts were slingshot into the stands. One youngster ran the bases in competition with the Spinners’ mascot. Trivia contests and a 50-50 raffle awarded different spectators prizes. And, of course, the crowd was encouraged to cheer on the team, to make noise, to sing along with Jimmy Buffett songs.

What a good time. What sweet pleasure in a human scale. If you haven’t done so already, take your family or fun-loving friends to a minor league game for enjoyment that is unattainable in the higher-powered venues we so often seek.

You’ll be glad you did.