Hounded mercilessly by my friend Cliff, I take pen in hand and cobble together a New Year’s post.
I’ve come to the conclusion that blogging is something that appeals more to men than to women. I liken men’s propensity/comfort with blogging to their fascination with internal combustion engines, power tools – in general, size/power/visibility – in so many arenas. You guys just like to strut your stuff, and the blogosphere seems particularly appealing. I don’t mean to start a war, and I could be completely off-base… it’s just a thought.
It’s not that I lack opinions, but I just don’t feel the particular need to broadcast them on the internet as frequently as some are so inclined (or seem to believe that I should be so inclined). Perhaps it’s my dislike of confrontation (despite my mouthy personality) – debate and argument don’t call to me.
What does call to me is the desire for a better world, a better year. Look! we have a new clay tablet on which to write our story. Once again, we’re given the opportunity to start anew, to invent a better self, to get up (and stay) on the high road, make our own lives more meaningful and perhaps comfort or enhance the lives of others.
We each possess a great potential. Although it can be viewed as a burden, it’s also an opportunity. I hope we all enjoy a healthy, happy 2010, and achieve some of that potential.
Happy New Year.


2 comments so far

  1. Tom on

    AHMEN! (Now, Fran, how’s that for a “male” type blog posting!!! Happy New Year!)

  2. C R Krieger on


    Think of it as the lunch table.

    Here in Lowell there seems to be about a 40/60 split between males and females in blogging, although one female just dropped out—she is going back to work.

    So, as we write on that clean clay tablet, help us see what is right and what is wrong.  Speak the Beatitudes to us.

    Regards  —  Cliff

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