On the Upswing

I got good news from the doctors this week. My tibia is finally healing, 8+ months after I fell on the ice, breaking both tibia and fibula. I’ve graduated from a cast to a boot, and can put weight on the leg. Although I still have the crutches, I rely on them much less these days. And, I’ve set up physical therapy appointments. I’ll be walking right around the time that the snow and ice return. (Uh-oh.)

I returned to work full-time several weeks ago and that’s been good, but I’m eager to see more blips on my radar screen – other than orthopedic details and chores.


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  1. C R Krieger on


    Now that you are pulling out of the medical hole I am hoping to see insightful comments on the local political scene.  Weird things are happening, like the State Senate about to vote to give us a TSW—a Teddy Seat Warmer.

    Is there no outrage out there?

    Regards  —  Cliff

    • Ron Smits on

      Nope — we changed the rules to keep the Republicans from having the chance to appoint. Now it time for a Democrat, so it’s allright now.
      Tongue-in-cheek on my part and morally corrupt on their part, but in the grand scheme of things, I just don’t care enough to be outraged.


  2. Ron Smits on


    That’s some good news finally. Our son had this theory a while back that almost everyone at some point in their life has to deal with a broken bone. I’m still not sure he is right, although the anecdotal evidence seems to support his position, but I surely don’t want to believe it has to be such an ordeal. Best of luck with the foot warmer!

  3. C R Krieger on

    I just want the humor of having a TSW.

    Regards  —  Cliff

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