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The back of a napkin

Check out this clear, coherent, and entertaining explanation of the current hoohah around the health insurance debate:  You may disagree with its position, but it’s clear-eyed and the graphics are spot-on. I love its distillation of a really mucky current event.


On the Upswing

I got good news from the doctors this week. My tibia is finally healing, 8+ months after I fell on the ice, breaking both tibia and fibula. I’ve graduated from a cast to a boot, and can put weight on the leg. Although I still have the crutches, I rely on them much less these days. And, I’ve set up physical therapy appointments. I’ll be walking right around the time that the snow and ice return. (Uh-oh.)

I returned to work full-time several weeks ago and that’s been good, but I’m eager to see more blips on my radar screen – other than orthopedic details and chores.