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Mid-summer Notes

Well, my friend Cliff has persistently and incessantly nagged me about my lack of postings. Boy, is he a squeaky wheel. I guess I should be nice to him – he’s brought me several lunches, as well as the company of his lovely wife Martha and our mutual friend Bob (the quintessential Yankee curmudgeon).

My leg continues to dictate the agenda of my life and the scope of my horizon. I’m apparently conquering my anemia (who knew? I’ve never been anemic before), and I’m feeling more energetic.  I’d attributed my fatigue to depression, boredom, thyroid problems… none of which seems to be a factor.

The leg saga will continue for several more months, so I’m trying to pace myself in terms of patience, forbearance, wit. Even my primary care doctor of 25 years has been impressed with the longevity of this recuperation. Dubious achievement, indeed.

The huge sunshine factor in 2009 is the arrival of my grandson Tommy. Although I was looking forward to being a grandmother, I had no idea how much I would relish this new role. Life continues to deliver surprises.