Lessons from a Broken Leg

I’ve been railing against the gods, in resentment that my broken leg has become my entire universe. The 4+ months I’ve spent so far (mostly on the couch in the TV room) and the prospect of still more surgery and recuperation has offered a rich opportunity to whine.
It’s certainly true that the sudden change in mobility is a factor in almost every action but, in a conversation with my good friend Eleanor, I realized that a number of revelations and insights have emerged during my unplanned couch time. Dare I call them blessings?
I’m going to start a list here and add to it as additional insights emerge.
#1 – My sweet tooth just seems to have been left behind on the icy steps last January. Yeah, I eat a few ginger snaps every once in a while, but the raging desire for refined sugar is pretty much absent.
#2 – I’ve lost weight, no doubt in part due to #1 above. True, most of weight loss seems to be due to the departure of muscle tone in my left leg, but I’ll take whatever I can get in that department. A silver lining: it’s such a hassle to get up and crutch to the kitchen that I’ve pretty much stopped snacking between meals.

#3 – I’ve learned (grudgingly) to accept help from kind-hearted folks. My fierce desire to be free of dependence on others has subsided. All those delivered meals, grocery runs, household chores, and supportive phone calls and emails – from my church community, my neighbors, co-workers, and long-time friends – have driven home the point that I cannot be all that independent. Nor should I try to be. I’m such a fan of community, one would think that I’d learned this lesson long ago.
#4 – Live in the moment. This is a big-time lesson. Every estimate I’ve made (for healing, mobility, etc.) has proven wrong; every prediction I’ve made has proved false (or overly optimistic); my hopes for fast healing have been dashed on the rocks. Just be here, now. Accept.


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  1. Eleanor on

    How about…”Time heals all wounds, except those involving titanium plates.”

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