Now this is interesting

This article on points to an interesting new book about how women writers are critiqued differently from the guys. book_showalter1


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  1. C R Krieger on

    As you know, I mostly don’t do fiction.  That said, I did buy my wife an historical novel of 900 plus pages for her birthday, which arrived today.

    All that said, I always wonder if the bigger issue is not the fact that tens of thousands of would be novelists, male and female, have only rejection slips.  Besides the top prizes, how are the rates for rejection by sex, and by class and by part of the country?

    But, for sure it was “a man’s world” not so long ago, just as it was the world of the rich and the well educated, back when few were educated and a high school diploma was a thing of value. On the other hand, the woman behind the throne could also be a powerful person. Just look at Esther.

    Are you going to blog your status soon?  Live blog any medical procedures?

    Regards  —  Cliff

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